Brangus – Why choose this breed?

Bennie  is passionate about the Brangus breed for the following reasons:

  • It is very a docile breed; the animals have an exceptional temperament.
  • The Brangus combines the superior traits of the Angus (5/8) and the Brahman (3/8). From the Angus it retained its superior carcass and milking qualities while its Brahman inheritance ensures disease resistance and hardiness, amongst others.
  • The Brangus polls genetically, which is more cost-effective.
  • Low birth weight combined with high growth rate.
  • High fertility.
  • The meat quality is scientifically proven to be among the best.
  • The breed is adaptable and can be found as far and wide as Namibia and the Kalahari to the Eastern Free State and KwaZulu-Natal. The breed originated in America but since its introduction to South Africa in 1963 it has adapted to local conditions seamlessly.




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